Landscaping & Hardscaping

lawn Mowing

We offer lawn mowing service. Contact us to set up biweekly visits to keep your lawn healthy and looking amazing.

Tree & Shrubs Planting

We offer the service of planting trees and shrubs. We have a wide range of species available, we handle all the logistics of shipping and planting, always complying with the standards and specifications required.

Tree & Shrubs Trimming

We offer trimming services. keep your plants looking amazing, we do professional trimming and pruning.

Tree Removal

We offer tree removal services. we are capable of handling small and medium height tree removal operations, as well as their correct disposal.


Spring and Fall Mulching! It consists of the creation or maintenance of mulch beds for soil conditioning or for decorative purposes, we have different types of mulch according to your requirements (with wood chips, bark, straw, or other specialized materials) retains soil and moisture for the growth of these grasses and other plants.

Seeding / Sodding

We offer the service of planting grass for unprotected forest surfaces, embankments and slopes, as well as residential gardens, promoting the development of roots that bind the soil, keeping it in place and preventing its erosion.


We offer weeding service. We take care of removing unwanted herbs from your garden, keeping them beautiful and healthy.

Maintenance of Green Spaces

We offer maintenance plans for your green spaces, we will take care of everything necessary to make it look beautiful and healthy during the agreed period of time.

Clearing /Clean up & Junk Removal

We offer services to clear your green areas, removing vegetation, debris and junk. Removal and disposal service.


We design and build outdoor spaces, according to your specific requirements. Walkways, concrete patios, driveways and more!

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